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Gold Bridge Business School was established in September 2008, approved by Education Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (NEI JIAO MIN ZI: 11501052000471), complete the registration of Legal Persons in Civil Affairs Office of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (MIN ZHENG ZI No. A0362). With legal qualifications, Gold Bridge Business School is not only a regular private business schools, a well-known domestic business education platform invested by Gold Bridge Capital, but also one of the first to engage in business education in China.

Gold Bridge Business School has always focused on corporate management promotion, capital operation and top-level design, with the ultimate goal of helping enterprises achieve sustainable development. Since its inception, Gold Bridge Business School has hosted 5 "Gold Bridge Capital Prairie Summit", 13 "Investment and Financing Summit Forum" and 16 "EMBA President's Seminar", and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs have entered Gold Bridge Business School, received systematic professional training in corporate management and capital operation.  


Vision: Sustainable development together with Gold Bridge Business School


Connecting Talent and Capital

Interpretation of the Confusion of Development

Build the Gold Bridge of Wealth

Values: Benefit from the good help

Interpretation: Making Money is Based on Doing Good!

School Motto:

Carry forward the way doing business

Keep the adoration and deference to nature and the reverence and love to man

Put righteousness before profit

Carry forward the way doing business: shape the environment, resources, human friendship and maintain the core competitiveness with the times of sustainable development of enterprises.

Keep the adoration and deference to nature and the reverence and love to man: Keep the adoration and deference to nature -- the law of the development of everything; the reverence and love to man-- do the right thing with the spirit of altruism and to care for all.

Put righteousness before profit: righteousness is justice and appropriate. It is natural to benefit from doing justice and appropriate.

Slogan: Withstand the tide of business and study hard after the battle of business world

Guiding ideology: to provide a package solution for the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises

4711 Strategy

Gold Bridge Business School adheres to the "4711 development strategy" to help small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve sustainable development. "4711" means "relying on 4 tools, realizing 7 functions, forming 1 circle, solving 1 problem"!


1. Relying on 4 tools: Business education, management consulting, business incubation, equity investment

2. Realizing 7 functions: study and communicate, cultivate and improve the mind, expand networks, exchange information, investment and financial management, financing services, resource integration;

3. Forming 1 circle: alumni circle of Gold Bridge Business School

Solving 1 problem: the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises