September 2008, Gold Bridge Business School was established and approved by Education Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (NEI JIAO MIN ZI: 11501052000471). President Yang Junping was appointed as director of Financial and Financial Education Center of the Inner Mongolia University.

November 7, 2009, successfully launched and hosted the "Inner Mongolia's first investment and financing summit forum", Bu Xiaolin, vice-chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region attended the conference. The forum continues once a year up to now.

November 14, 2009, The first Senior President's EMBA officially opened; Organize a study tour to Hong Kong.

In 2010, the first private equity investment fund of Inner Mongolia's was officially established with the EMBA President class as the main funder.

In 2011, The alumni association of Gold Bridge Business School was established.

In 2012, The alumni clubs of Gold Bridge Business School in Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other local branch were established.

In 2013, offered EMBA courses jointly with Renmin University of China.

In 2014, the "4711 Strategy" was formulated, and officially entered Beijing in July, began to run schools throughout the country.

2015 Launched the first Prairie Summit, which continues every year up to now.

In 2016, officially launched the "Financial Lecture" throughout the country, benefit more than 10,000 people; Organize a study tour to Israel.

In 2017, undertake middle-aged and young cadres internal training tasks of Jin Coal Group the world's top 500 enterprises; Organize a study tour to Germany.

In 2018, President Yang Junping was awarded the "Huang Yanpei Outstanding Principal Award", the highest vocational education award in China; organize a study tour to Japan.

In 2019, Erudite Seminar of Commercial Wisdom, EMBA courses have been fully revised and upgraded; organize a study tour to Russia.

In 2020, " E-Academy of Gold Bridge Business School " and " Enterprise Online Clinic of Gold Bridge Business School Business School" officially launched.