Gold Bridge Business School·Erudite Seminar of Commercial Wi

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Gold Bridge Business School·Erudite Seminar of Commercial Wisdom
Recruitment Brochure
[Core Objectives]

Inheriting the wisdom of the ancients
Learning from the East and West civilization
Following the fundamental value
Carrying forward the way doing business
Improving the spiritual nature of mind
Rebuilding spiritual home for entrepreneurs


Many of today's entrepreneurs well versed in business theory and management skills, still struggling in business world. Buffett's partner Charlie Thomas Munger once said, "The real purpose of learning is to develop 'universal wisdom' so that problems in every field can be solved." According to a survey, more than 90 percent of the books in the CEO's bookshelves of the top 100 U.S. companies had nothing to do with economic management, preferring books on religion, spirituality, history and philosophy. This gives us an important enlightenment: under the current conditions of homogenized strategic decision-making and management skills, entrepreneurs' mind, pattern, heart and vision are the decisive factors for the future growth and longevity of enterprises.

Gold Bridge Business School·Erudite Seminar of Commercial Wisdom, specially designed for entrepreneurs who have a sense of values, a sense of mission, a sense of family and country, a historical vision, and profound cultural heritage.
The curriculum system is based on the following four basic points: 1. Traditional Chinese classics; 2. Integration of Chinese and Western civilizations; 3. Historical and humanistic wisdom; 4. Top-level strategic layout.
In this course, we will re-examine the broad and profound philosophy and values of eastern civilization, and we will carefully sort out the mutual reflection and compatibility of Chinese civilization and world civilization. We shall travel through the mysteries of history, and think of the present through the past. We will stand in the grand blueprint of the new era and think seriously about the world, the country, the people, our businesses and ourselves.
Curriculum Design
Modular No. Segment Course Lecturer
Improving the spiritual nature of mind
1 Traditional Chinese classics The Book of Changes, traces the origin of wisdom, follows the way of heaven, studies the laws of the movement of the universe
Well-known lecturers in related fields
Confucianism, Thoughts of Reality and Spirit, pragmatism philosophy
Daoism, Huang-Lao learning, govern by doing nothing that goes against nature
Legalist, advocate change, recognize the magic and utilitarian
Sun Tzu's Art of War was to match and to excel
2 The formation, development and inheritance of the Chinese civilization An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy Well-known lecturers in related fields
Clarify The "Hundred Schools of Thought" and Their Exponents
Changes of ancient philosophical thought and inheritance of modern thought system
The formation of the Chinese national common value system
The formation, development and inheritance of the Western civilization
Overview of the development of Western civilization Well-known lecturers in related fields
The origin of Greek philosophical thought
The Origin and changes of Christian civilization
The formation of modern Western civilization and values, the middle Ages and the Renaissance
4 Explore the longevity of enterprises through the periodic law of dynasty change Rule of succession of feudal dynasties in pre-Qin Dynasty Well-known lecturers in related fields
Periodic rule of autocratic dynasties
Revolution and modernization
5 Look at management through history Take history as a mirror to explore the management wisdom in traditional culture Well-known lecturers in related fields
Ways ruled over people's by outstanding emperors of past dynasties
Ways assist in governing the country by famous ministers of past dynasties
Ways to make money by the great merchants of past dynasties
6 Run a business through the humanities for a hundred years The synergy of entrepreneurship, patriotism and social responsibility
Yang Junping:
Chairman of Gold Bridge Capital / President of Gold Bridge Business School/ Doctor of History, Jinan University
How do entrepreneurs continue to learn, fight like wolves, think emotionally, and make rational decisions
Benefit from the good help. A man of honour has things must be done and things must not be done.

Keep the adoration and deference to nature and the reverence and love to man
Put righteousness before profit Carry forward the way doing business

Top-level design
Business Strategy
What is strategy? Do SMEs need a strategy?
Yang Junping:
Chairman of Gold Bridge Capital / President of Gold Bridge Business School
development strategy planning
Talent strategy planning
Brand strategy planning
Financial strategy planning
Case study
Capital strategy
Concept and characteristics of corporate governance and capital operation Yang Junping:
Chairman of Gold Bridge Capital / President of Gold Bridge Business School
Formulation and implementation of investment and financing strategies
Process and practice of enterprise listing strategy
Expansion strategy: enterprise merger and acquisition and reorganization Lin Xuefeng:
Chief Executive Officer, Gold Bridge Capital
Case study
Innovation and design of business model and profit model
Reengineering enterprise value chain with the thought of business model Yang Junping:
Chairman of Gold Bridge Capital / President of Gold Bridge Business School
Closed-loop business model design
Depth interpretation of 100 kinds of cutting-edge profit model innovation
Case study
Design and implementation of corporate culture
What is corporate culture Yang Junping:
Chairman of Gold Bridge Capital / President of Gold Bridge Business School
The principle and framework of corporate culture construction
How to purify the cultural elements and value system
How to carry out and inherit corporate culture
Mei YanMing:
Executive Dean of Gold Bridge Business School
Case study
11 Entrepreneur salon The real economy & the digital economy Host:Yang Junping:
Chairman of Gold Bridge Capital / President of Gold Bridge Business School
Speaker: Successful entrepreneurs
Traditional retail & new retail
Platform mode & vertical mode
Successful entrepreneurs share their journey of entrepreneurship
The founder of Nirvana Enterprise personally to teach from their own experiences
Field investigation of well-known enterprises
12 Transformation and trend prediction Analysis of current international and domestic macroeconomic situation Well-known lecturers in related fields
The interpretation of The 14th five-year Plan and hot policies

[Enrollment Target]
Senior executives of listed companies, owners of SMEs, and heads of business associations

Beijing + Study tour (famous mountains and great rivers, famous Universities and ancient temples, famous cities and great enterprises)

Graduates will be awarded the diploma by Gold Bridge Business School

[Course Fees]
Individual registration: 99000 YUAN/person (Repeat learning is free for life)
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