Business School Teachers

 [Lecturers, Teachers and Guests who have been invited to give lectures or attend forums at Gold Bridge Business School]
Chen Yuyu: Professor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
Zhou Li: Professor of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
Zhang Yinjie: Professor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
He Qiang: Professor of School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, Director of Securities and Futures Research Institute
Lu Liping: Professor, Member of the Academic Committee of The National Accounting Institute in Beijing
Jia Guolong: Founder and Chairman of Xibei Catering Group
Yan Jiehe: Founder of Pacific Construction Group
Wang Zhaoming: Chairman of Mengcao Ecology (stock code: 300355)
Yao Tongshan: Founder of China Holy Shepherd (stock code: 01432HK)
Lu Wenbing: Former CEO of Little Sheep Catering Group
Mei Meng: Director of Tsinghua Science Park Development Center, Chairman of Enlightenment Holding
Bian Huadun: Founder of Heling Capital, Director of Far East Holding Group
Mr. Du Jinglei: Managing Director, CDH Investments
Lu Manping: Executive General Manager of Investment Banking Department of Ping An Securities
Yu Weijiang: Founding partner of Hongshisan Fund, a famous investment and financing expert
Fu Dekun: Famous block chain expert, member of the Expert Group of Internet Society of China
Li Guangdou: Famous brand planning expert
Su Jianwei: General Counsel of SAIC
Fang Xiyuan: Famous expert of investment and financing management
Chen Jinrong: Famous expert of financial management
Sun Li: Former Financial Executive of Haier Group
Han Xiaobin: Partner of ALLPKU CONSULTING
Mei Yanming: Partner of Gold Bridge Capital and Executive Sean of Gold Bridge Business School
Lin Xuefeng: Partner of Gold Bridge Capital, CEO of Gold Bridge Capital